2024 - The Year of Expansion

Published: 1 Jan 2024. Estimated read time about 2 minutes.
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2024 - The Year of Expansion

My plans and focus areas for 2024.


Focus on

Previous Themes

2023 Review

I think overall 2023 - The Year of Decree went really well.

I did well in all the areas I wanted to other than fitness, which, while it improved is still not at the level it should be. Professionally I’ve grown and I even managed to grow my side-gig business to the point where it’s almost a real business.

I’m now in my thirties which is somewhat terrifying. At least I had an excuse to enter my third decade in style by staying at The Shard, this is the view I had as I said goodbye to the last wisps of my youth.

Our view from The Shard

Focus Areas of 2023

Didn't quite make it to 3 workouts a week

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