The most hello-est of hellos

Published: 5 Sept 2018. Estimated read time about 2 minutes.
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The most hello-est of hellos
Hello World!

First post, what else could be more fitting? nothing really.

I guess an introduction is in order, my name is Jacob Pretorius and welcome to my website. I’m a nerd with expertise primarily in the Optimizely (Episerver) world of technologies with a traditionally .NET back-end training. As you will come to see I enjoy the front-end Javascript world equally.

Picture of Jacob Pretorius

Professionally, I currently work as a Tech Lead at dotcentric in London with a primary focus on Optimizely Commerce and CMS solutions.

I’m honoured to be recognised as an Gold Optimizely Most Valued Professional (OMVP) as well as being selected to serve as an Optimizely Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Content Cloud.

OMVP Badge SME Badge

In my free time, I like to keep busy with projects that keep my technical knowledge up to date. You can see some of my public projects here in a directory I built.

For most of 2022 I’ve been working extensively with Dotnet 6 and TypeScript to build blockchain-related projects, some of which you can see here.

As for this blog; It’s mostly a personal blog for stuff that doesn’t fit neatly into any other platform I use. With it being personal most of the posts going forward are related to my free time explorations and meta-thinking about personal productivity and processes.

Occasionally, I also use the blog as a place to try out cool front-end and UX ideas I have ✌️

I’m not big on social media these days, but if you do want to reach out to me my Twitter would be your best bet.

Thanks for stopping by.

Last updated: 12th of September 2022

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