Check tracked time in Toggl with iOS Shortcuts

Published: 31 Jan 2019. Estimated read time about 2 minutes.
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Check tracked time in Toggl with iOS Shortcuts

New year new iOS shortcuts to bring into my life. I’ve previously blogged about starting a specific Toggl timer using an iOS shortcut which is still my preferred way of starting Toggl timers.

The Shortcut start method is nice and quick which is something very important to me when I do time tracking. I want to get it out of the way as soon as humanly possible so that I can get to work.

Recently I’ve run into a new problem. I’ve decided to increase my daily goal on a specific Toggl project I have (reading) from 30 minutes to 60. 30 Minutes was easy enough to eyeball looking at the Toggl app entries, yet with 60 I end up having to do too much quick math. Especially if I’ve read in lots of start-stoppy bits throughout the day.

Many time entries with short run times are a hassle to count

Let’s make a shortcut do all the work for us that shall we.

One moment later

The iOS Shortcut in action

You can download the Tracked Time shortcut here.

Setup Instructions

Before you get going we need to fill in three text fields in the shortcut to make it work for you. Easy peasy.

First, get your Toggl API key from here

Toggl Profile API key

Enter that key into the API section of the Shortcut.

The API section of the shortcut

Next, you need to get the ID of the project you want to check logged entries for. You can find the ID on the Toggl website by looking at the URL once you have navigated to the Project, look for the part after /edit/.

Toggl project ID page

And then once again enter that information into the Project ID section of the Shortcut.

The project ID section of the shortcut

Finally, you need to set your Timezone offset from GMT. If you have a negative offset look for the instructions on which extra part to update in the shortcut. You’ll need to change the “%2B” (a URL encoded ”+” sign) to a ”-” in two places.

The offset section of the shortcut

And there you have it, a one-click approach to finding out how long you have logged towards a specific project today.

Thanks for stopping by.

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