Carbon Statement

Published: 16th of October 2021. Estimated read time about 1 minutes.
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Carbon Statement

This website runs on 100% renewable energy and is carbon neutral. Feel free to read more about the hosting I use here.

Cloudflare also plays a significant part in the carbon footprint of my websites, being that some parts of my code live on thousands of servers around the world. Thankfully Cloudflare powers their network with 100% renewable energy and are going to offset all emissions they are responsible for since day 1.

On the more personal responsibility side since Q1 2020 I've been offsetting all my (very generously estimated) greenhouse gas emissions using World Land Trust and Ecologi.

Ecologi is a great subscription service where you can pay for the planting of actual trees in actual forests and fund carbon-reducing projects around the world.

So far using the service I've offset 42.9t of CO2 and paid for 1191 trees to be planted and cared for 🌳

If you are so inclined you can sign up using my referral link and see the numbers above update.

Thanks for stopping by.

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This website runs on 100% renewable energy 🌳