The most hello-est of hellos

Published: 5th of September 2018. Estimated read time about 1 minutes.
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The most hello-est of hellos

*Clears throat

Hello World!

First post, what else could be more fitting? nothing really.

I guess an introduction is in order, my name is Jacob Pretorius and welcome to my website. I'm a Full Stack .NET Web Developer with expertise primarily in the Episerver world of technologies.

Picture of Jacob Pretorius

Every couple of weeks I co-host a podcast called Relatively Productive where we discuss topics that might include: productivity (surprise), time management, technology, life, goals, fitness, programming, and honestly almost anything else. If you ended up reading until here chances are you might like it.

As for the blog; I'll mostly be sharing useful tips from my digging into the Episerver platform as well as the results of my performance-driven .NET/.NET Core investigations.

I'm a huge fan of automation in general so expect quite a few posts around making life just that little bit easier. Occasionally I like to play with Clouds, so that will probably show up here as well.

Or, maybe none of these things. Maybe I just use the blog as a place to try out cool front-end and UX ideas I have. Time will tell 👌

I'll warn you now that I overuse commas, a lot.

That's all for now, the next post is all about the slick blogging software this blog runs on which I've built and open sourced.

Thanks for stopping by.

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