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05 Sep 2018 | Estimated read time about 1 minutes

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Hello World!

First post, what else could be more fitting? nothing really.

Let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Jacob Pretorius and welcome to my website. Some guy is sitting on the domain I wanted hoping to make millions so I've had to go with using my initials "JC" to identify myself. Very 1800's I know.

Picture of Jacob Pretorius

Currently I'm a senior full stack .NET web developer for Episerver South Africa (yes I know you didn't know we have a branch here).

I've decided to call this blog Good Good Not Great, which is something weird I say to myself when something works, but only juuust. Similar to my love-hate relationship with blogging. I like writing and I like nerdy things so naturally, a tech blog has been in the back of my mind forever.

I'll mostly be sharing useful tips from my digging into the Episerver platform as well as the results of my performance-driven DotNet/DotNetCore investigations. Occasionally I like to play with Clouds, so that will probably show up here as well.

I'll warn you now that I overuse commas, a lot.

That's all for now, the next post will be about the slick blogging software this blog runs on which I've built and open sourced.

Thanks for stopping by.

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